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Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

Opten-Service"and "Opten-Stroy"

For the purpose of extending the range of services provided to our customers two subsidiaries were established: "Opten-Service@ in 1998 and "Opten-Stroy" in 2005.


  • expert consulting services at engineering design of telecommunication lines
  • survey works, search of optimum technical solutions 
  • design works, separate special calculations
  • planning procedures for installation of fiber-optic networks in accordance with a project
  • design of fiber-optic communication lines, including construction and installation activities, welding activities and measurements.
  • technical maintenance and performance of emergency recovery works of fiber-optic networks currently in use

All the works refer to the activities on stringing of self-supporting communication cables and installation on this base of overhead fiber-optic transmission networks, as well as installation of ground wire Opten-Service is licensed to carry out all the necessary activities and can access the power transmission lines The company staff consists of experienced experts being long involved in installation of fiber-optic networks for at least 5 years.

  • design of fiber-optic networks in connection with front-end engineering and design;
  • construction of fiber-optic networks; assembly of telecommunications equipment;
  • supply of the whole range of components for the fiber-optic power networks, including active equipment;


  • design and installation of structured cabling systems, communication hubs, security alarm and video surveillance system;
  • performance of chief designer and general contractor functions for all kinds of construction activities;
  • provision of technical maintenance and arrangement of emergency recovery works at fiber-optic networks and for telecommunications equipment and observance of all the warranty obligations with the customers.

The installed communications lines are provided with a warranty (with the exception of force majeure circumstances). The warranty period makes 25 years The following fiber-optic networks have been lately designed, installed and put into operation with the assistance of "Opten-Service":

  • Kolpino (PS 28) - Tosno (Catepillar plant) - 25 km;
  • St.Petersburg (PS 90 - North-Western Central Heating and Power Plant) - 30 km;
  • St.Petersburg (Central Heating and Power Plant 5) - Vsevolozhsk (Ford plant) - 45 km (including the transfer across the Neva river - 600 m);
  • Pskov - Porkhov - Borovichi - 140 km;
  • Kirovsk - Apatity - 44 km;
  • Kingisepp - Ust'-Luga port - 45 km;
  • Barda - Chaikovsky (JSC Gazprom network)- 120 km;
  • Moscow (Yubileynaya)- 15 km;
  • Novgorod (pressed wood-fiber board manufacturing plant)- 30 km;
  • Neryunghi (JSC Yakutugol)- 27 km;
  • Abakan - Sayangorsk - fiber-optic network with optical pilot ground cable - 160 km;
  • Vyborg - St.Petersburg, fiber-optic network with optical pilot ground cable - 55 km;
  • Svetogorsk (pulp-and-paper plant), - 30 km;- PS 264, Lenenergo
  • Kolpino (Izhora tube manufacturing plant) - 16 km
  • Vologda - Manturovo - 157 km;
  • Moscow - Kubinka - 18 km;

"Opten-Service" company provides technical maintenance and, in case of necessity, carries out emergency recovery work both at newly installed fiber-optic networks and the networks and wire-line circuit currently in use:

  • State border - frontier service Vyborgskaya;

  • North-Western Interregional Dispatching Office;

  • Leningradskaya substation - RUS Tosno and others

mostly manages projects on installation of fiber-optic networks in St.Petersburg and its suburbs. In addition, based on its own manufacturing facilities and good partner relationships with suppliers of telecommunications optical equipment, as well as close cooperation with customers, the projects managed by the company take into account the system issues of communication network installation which provides for optimum development of new sections of fiber-optic networks within the communication network of the customers.


ООО "Opten Service"
address: 195253, St.Petersburg, POB 102, shosse Revolyutsii, 58
tel./fax: (812) 225-02-86, 226-81-00
e-mail: info@opten.spb.ru

ООО "Opten-Stroy"
address: 195253, St.Petersburg, POB 102, shosse Revolyutsii, 58
tel./fax: (812) 226-67-46, 225-16-78
e-mail: info@opten.spb.ru