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03.08.11 New technical conditions. On August 1, 2011 at our plant introduced new specifications.
09.04.10 Sviaz-Expocomm-2010 We are pleased to welcome You at our Stand on "Sviaz-Expocomm-2010"
21.07.09 Optical fiber of various manufacturers Opten cable manufacturing plant processes fibers produced by Fujikura and Corning for manufacture of fiber-optic cables...
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The high quality of our manufactured goods is time-proven and
acknowledged by the consumer confidence.

St.Petersburg cable manufacturing plant Opten is one of the modern plants with fully Russian-owned funds established in 1991.

Key areas of business activities: manufacture of fiber optic telecommunication cables.

The high level of personnel qualification, application of modern production and measuring equipment, quality control at all production stages, testing of manufactured goods in accordance with the requirements of GOST R MEK (International Electrical Commission) are the main factors of success that allowed Opten to provide the consistently high quality of its production. Fiber optic cables manufactured by Opten plant are approved for utilization at backbone, intraregional, local and intrafacility telecommunication lines and are confirmed by certificates and statements of conformity issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications of Russia. The cable transfer specifications correspond to the recommendations of ITU-T G.651- 653, G.655, G. 656.

Our plant was one of the first Russian manufacturers of fiber optic cables certified in 1994 by the Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization which approved the conformity of our quality management system to ISO 9002 standard and since then has been annually confirming it.

Opten plant was one of the first Russian manufacturers to introduce the production of self-supporting telecommunication cables. First, the load-bearing element of the self-supporting cables was FRP, but later Opten introduced the manufacture of a more progressive structure of self-supporting cables with aramid yarns as armouring. Our experts proceed with improvement of the structure of fiber optic cables. The plant is developing each year: the production equipment is being modernized, the production capacities are being extended.

Currently our cable manufacturing plant produces over 30 types of fiber optic cables, among which are

  • self-supporting aerial cables;

  • cables for wrapping on wires;

  • cables for laying in ground and cable-conduit lines;

  • cables for installation in pipes (including pneumatic method);

  • cables for water crossings;

  • cables for interplant wiring, installation of LAN, etc.

Fiber optic cable service life is 25 years. Opten offers the longest warranty for fiber-optic cables among the Russian manufacturers which is 5 years since introduction into service.

In order to extend the range of services provided for our customers:
in 1998 an affiliate, Opten-Service, was established, which offered extra services for our customers: construction, service maintenance, supplies of components.

In 2005 an affiliate Opten-Stroy was established, which offers complex solutions of telecommunication networks for our customers.

Opten plant cooperates only with the leading suppliers of fiber optic cable components such as Fujikura, Corning, Du Pont, Borealis, and Roblon.

Fiber optic networks utilizing the cables manufactured by Opten have been in operation since 1991 in various regions of Russia, in the CIS countries and far-abroad countries. The following companies are among the regular customers that purchase products manufactured by Opten: Irkustkenergo, Dalenergo, Gazprom, Transneft, St. Petersburg telephone network, Peterstar, Metrocom, MTS, Golden Telecom, Pskovelectrosvyaz, Mezhgorsvyazstroy. Telecominvest, Severnaya railway, North-Western Telecom, Dalsvyaz, etc. Within the last few years Opten has been participating in a number of large-scale projects on development of telecommunication networks of the North-Western Region and also maintains cooperation with regional telephone network operators in Russia.

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