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Manufacturing capacities

The St.Petersburg cable manufacturing plant Opten provides all the necessary total cycle equipment for manufacture of fiber-optic communication cables. In order to ensure the expanding of product output and observing the delivery deadlines of ready products the main production lines are doubled by the second set of similar equipment.

Производственные мощности

Производственные мощности

The equipment stock consists of modern production lines of such world-famous manufacturers as Nextrom, Rozendahl, Krupp, Dunst and others.

The cable plant is currently developing the production equipment is being upgraded and modernized. The demand for fiber-optic cables in Russia has increased for the last years and it require the increase of production capacities. In order to solve this task the step-by-step improvement and upgrade for the modern equipment manufactured by world-famous companies is currently being arranged. In particular, the maintenance of a new color coding line of fiber-optic cable by Nextrom with the dying capacity of 1200 m/min has been started. Also the maintenance of a new extrusion line equipped by Е-90 extrusion machine by Dunst was carried out.

The line also includes the machine for molding and applying the cables with corrugated metal tape. Putting into operation of the new extrusion line, in addition to the increase in production output made it possible to develop the production of a new cable type for laying in cable-conduit lines and self-supporting cables with outer load bearing member.

The cable plant proceeds with the increase of the current potential by applying new materials, introducing own inventions, conducting tests and experiments, including unique product tests for the items delivered for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Production stages

Stage 1. Production of optical modules

Изготовление оптических модулей The first operation at production of fiber-optic cable is dying of optical fiber.
The dyed fiber is placed in polymeric tubes (optical modules).
The intermodular space is filled with hydrophobic compound.

Stage 2. Twisting of cable core

Stage 3. Applying of protective armor

Скручивание сердечника кабеля Depending on the cable structure, several optical modules are being twisted around the central element so as to form a core.
Наложение бронепокрова The ready optical core has all the necessary optical features, but it's not protected from external actions the cable might be influenced by. That is why the core is covered with the protective armor made of steel wire, fiber-glass plastic rods and aramid fiber. Finally, the outer jacket is applied on top of the protective armor.