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Exhibition "Sviaz-Expocomm-2003"

2003-07-02 12:21:33

The 15th anniversary international exhibition of communications systems, telecom facilities, PCs and office appliances on May, 12th-16th, 2003, Moscow, Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya
"Svyaz-Expocomm-2003 was called one of the most established Russian exhibitions that unites manufacturers of telecom equipment and telephone companies by the Minister of Telecommunications and Informatization of the Russian Federation Mr.Leonid Reyman. Russian enterprises comprised three quarters out of 850 participants from 35 countries.
Essential topics of the Russian cable manufacturing industry were discussed with much attention and detail.

The necessity of developing the unified normative and technical documentation for optical fibers and optical cables, the corresponding measurement techniques, introduction of the unified system of optic cable identification. There is a demand in extension of material and item nomenclature of Russian manufacture utilized at optic cable production and quality improvement.
The output of the Russian cable manufacturing plants satisfies the cutomers' demand of Russia and the CIS countries for fiber-optic cables. Besides, there are supplies of foreign manufacturers to the Russian market. The price dumping for fiber-optic cables that took place in early 2003 was mostly carried out due to the quality reduction, usage of low quality materials which is often disregarded by the customers and trading companies.

Opten company participates in the exhibition for the 8th time. Our company displayed 26 types of the manufactured fiber-optic cables at the exhibition booth that was transferred to the 1st pavilion. Composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) and cable-conduit lines, for pipe cabling, including pneumatic cabling, cables for water crossings and for interplant installation. Opten plant is the only Russian manufacturer of fiber-optic cables that provides 50year warranty for its products.
The high quality of the self-supporting cables manufactured by Opten is certified by the expert testimony by the JSC All-Union Electric Power Research Institute dated 09.09.2002, approved by the Department of Strategic Development and Research and Research and Technical Policy of RAO Unified Energy Systems of Russia.