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New Products - Fibers in Tight Buffer Coating

2004-07-29 18:12:34

The St.Petersburg cable manufacturing plant Opten is one of the first Russian plants producing fiber-optic communications cable. Since the third quarter of 2004 the plant is starting mass production of a new class of fiber-optic cables in tight buffer coating. The minimum diameter and weight, the minimum operating bend radius, application of halogen free and flame-retardants predetermines the wide application of fiber-optic cables of the given class in installation of structured cabling systems and manufacture of patch cords and optical distribution frames. The cable manufacturing plant has developed the production of all main types of cables with optical fibers in tight buffer coating, including single-fiber microcables (900 ?m in diameter), cable for optical cords (3 mm in diameter), connection cords, etc. The latest international and Russian developments in the area of fiber optics and cable polymer materials have been applied in the course of production engineering, which allowed providing the optimum correlation of price and quality of the produced cable items.