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New type of single mode fibers: Low Water Peak (LWP)

2003-11-25 15:32:09

"Opten" has been supplying the cable products based on the single-mode optical fiber with the extended transmittance spectrum (LWP-fiber) since the third quarter of 2003 and is planning to carry out till January, 2004 the replacement of the currently utilized single-mode cable into the mentioned LWP-fiber.
The single-mode optical fibers with the extended transmittance spectrum are certified and are marked with "A" instead of "E" for indication of fiber type. The replacement of the fiber type will involve changes in the prices for the cable products manufactured by Opten plant.

Based on the market survey of the Russian and Western telecommunications and data transfer technology we can summarize that in 2004 the main manufacturers of the single-mode optical fiber are planning to transfer to manufacture of predominantly the LWP-fiber with extended operating frequency band.

LWP-fibers correspond to the requirements of the international G.652С standard and are characterized by good adhesiveness.