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Opten at CSTB-2004 Exhibition

2003-03-22 16:31:26

Feb., 10-13th, 2004, Sokolniki, Moscow: the 6th international CSTB-2004 exhibition in the field of digital TV&radio broadcasting, cable and satellite TV, and broadband communication services was held. For the number of exhibitors (182 participants as compared to 137 in 2003), the occupied space of 10,000 sq.m and the number of visitors it can be ranked among the largest events in the area of broadcasting and telecommunication technologies.
The particular character of the 6th CSTB-2004 exhibition and conference was the topic of development of multi-service networks, satellite and TV communications in Russia. The subject areas have been considerably diversified this year. Such enterprises as "Elektronnaya Moskva", National Cable & Telecommunications Association (AKTR) and the largest regional telecommunication companies, Satellite Service and others have been displayed for the first time.

The Opten exposition booth displayed samples of manufactured items, such as fiber-optic cables for different applications: self-supporting aerial cables, fiber-optic cables for underground and duct installation, for pipe cabling, including pneumatic cabling, cables for water crossings and for interplant wiring.

Cable manufacturing plant Opten produces 26 main classes of fiber-optic cable based on various types of optical fiber, including single-mode optical fiber with higher transmission range of G.652C standard, which provides simultaneous transmission of analogue cable TV signal, phone digital information at the rate of 10 Gb/s and Gigabit Internet data via utilization of low-loss transmission window of 1270-1610 nm.

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