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RAO UES of Russia Expert Report Got

2002-10-23 11:57:06

In accordance with order No 229 of 16.11.98 issued by Rao UES of Russia concerning requirements to products supplied to enterprises of RAO UES of Russia, fiber-optic cable samples manufactured by Opten cable manufacturing plant in St.Petersburg have passed tests and got expert report of All-Union Electric Power Research Institute (OAO VNIIE) of 09.09.2002 approved by Department of development strategy and policy in science and technology of RAO UES of Russia. This expert report verifies compliance of functions of fiber-optic communication cables with industry requirements when they are suspended on high voltage line supports of RAO UES of Russia (TU 3587-009-48973982-2000, "Rules for design, construction, and operation of fiber-optic networks on overhead power transmission lines with voltage 110 kV or higher", approved by the Ministry of Fuel and Energy in 1999).