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Receipt of New Declarations of Conformity

2005-10-28 12:04:49

On 28th October, 2005 Opten cable manufacturing plant, St.Petersburg, being one of the first Russian cable manufacturers producing fiber-optic communication cables, received declarations of conformity in accordance with Test Report No 72505-21-130 of 25.07.05 issued by Testing center of Telecommunication technical devices and systems.
New Declarations of Conformity for fiber-optic cable types are received as follows:

DAO, TU 3587001-56938994-2005, reference number D-KB-0269
TO1, TU 3587-001-56938994-2005, reference number D-KB-0267
DPL, TU 3587-001-56938994-2005, reference number D-KB-0268

Declarations of Conformity (for communication fiber-optic cable of types DAO, DPL, TO1)