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Quality Assurance

Time-Proven Quality

The high level of personnel qualification, application of modern production and measuring equipment, quality control at all production stages, testing of manufactured goods in accordance with the requirements of GOST R IEC 794-1-93 are the main factors of success that allowed Opten to provide the consistently high quality of its production.

Fiber optic cables manufactured by Opten plant are approved for utilization at backbone, intraregional, local and intrafacility telecommunication lines: Our plant products are approved by the Ministry of Communication of Russia for usage in Interconnected communication network and have all necessary certificates and declarations. High quality requirements enable us to be on a level with world standards. Transfer characteristics of cables produced by Opten are in line with ITU-T G.651-653, G.655 guidelines.

Our enterprise was the first one among the fiber-optic cable manufactures in 1994 to get a certificate issued by the Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (GosStandard of Russia) verifying production quality system compliance with ISO 9002 requirements and re-confirms this certificate every year. Among Opten suppliers are leading manufacturers of cable materials: Fujikura, Corning, Du Pont, Borealis, Roblon

Opten provides 5-year warranty for cables produced, cable life time is 25 years.

Opten is the first Russian cable manufacturing plant to master production of self-supporting fiber-optic cables for hanging up on power transmission lines. In accordance with the requirements to products supplied to RAO UES of Russia enterprises, Opten fiber-optic cables passed tests and got expert report of All-Union Electric Power Research Institute (OAO VNIIE) This expert report verifies compliance of functions of DPM, DPK, DPT, DPR fiber-optic communication cables with industry requirements when they are suspended on high voltage line supports of RAO UES of Russia.

Availability of outstanding test basis makes possible to monitor constantly serial products process stability, estimate efficiency and suitability of changes entered into design or process, carry out quality acceptance test of components purchased, develop and improve new cable types.

When developing and launching new cable types, it is virtually impossible to reach standardized characteristics or customer requirements without properly test organization. To refine cable to the level required, prototypes are fabricated to be subjected to full-scope tests with ultimate loads and impacts. These are mechanical effects at lower temperatures up to minus 30°C, cyclic temperature changes (several cycles) within the range from minus 60 to plus 70°C, etc. According to the test results, cable design and manufacturing method are corrected, then retesting is performed using new prototypes. Final stage of this process included qualification tests.

Particular importance has test of all dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cables with permissible tensile force of up to 35.0 kN to be designed for installation on supports for 110-120 kW overhead transmission lines and manufactured under orders of different enterprises of RAO UES of Russia.

Before shipping such batches, tension resistance tests are performed in presence of the customer representative. To simulate operation conditions, cable tension is carried out in anchor clamps. In this case, following checks are made: damping in cable, impact of clamps on outer jacket, anchor clamps installation quality for cable slipping through twisted protector or twisted protector through twisted coil. During these tests anchor clamps produced by ZAO Electrosetcnhjyproject are utilized with sealing-in force required.

Based on valid norms, specifications, GOSTs, IEC guidelines, test methods and procedures are developed in Quality Control department.