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Quality management system

The Quality Management System is an exceptional managing system, i.e. the system used by the top management and administration of the company for solving internal management tasks, which is supported by the corresponding organizational structure, approaches, procedures and resources. Moreover, the term "QUALITY" in the title of the system testifies to the application by top management and administration of professional principles and means of quality assurance in company management.

The quality management system should always be an essential component of the overall company management system.

One of the techniques of quality management system at Opten cable manufacturing plant is the technical control and testing service.

Functions of technical control department:
1.Arrangement of incoming material control.
2. Carrying out of interoperational control within the product manufacturing stage.
3. Testing of manufactured goods and preparation of accompanying documents.
4. Internal audit of company departments
Tasks of testing department:
1.Carrying out of periodic type tests.
2. Testing of incoming materials to be processed.

We have an extensive experimental basis at our plant which is constantly being upgraded and modernized and it provides for a wide range of tests to be arranged (twisting, bending, straining, impact and thermal exposure, burning, resistance of the armored cables' armor to electrical current (outer jacket integrity).