Opten cable manufacturing plant | Extra product list
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Extra product list

To satisfy all customer demands to the uttermost, in January 2007 a decision was made to implement packaged supplies for fiber-optic network (FON) construction. As of today our plant can offer you the following range of equipment for fiber-optic network.

Overhead Line Hardware for ADSS cable
  • Dead-end clamps
  • Suspension clamps
  • Vibration damper
  • Down-lead screw-clamps
  • Down-lead clamp
  • Cabinets for couplings and fiber-optic cable stocks
  • Mounting devices and accessories
Control Instrumentation for FON
  • Measuring equipment for digital television
  • OTDR
  • Measuring equipment for wireless communication lines
  • Measuring equipment for microwave range
  • Measuring equipment for digital communication lines
  • Measuring equipment for IP networks.
  • Optical multimeters (Anritsu, Exfo, Yokogawa).
Switching and Cross Equipment
  • Fiber-optic cords and components
  • Fiber-optic connectors
  • Fiber-optic adaptors
  • Wall-mount switchover
  • Rack-mount switchover
  • Switchovers for cable networks
  • Telecommunication cabinets and racks
  • Accessories for cabinets and racks
  • Fiber-optic couplings
  • Control and cleaning systems for fiber-optic connectors and cords (Westover)/
Mounting Equipment for FON
  • Electronics mechanical system for fiber splicing
  • Fujikura welding equipment
  • Accessories for welding equipment
  • Tools for mounting fiber-optic cable
  • Mobile laboratories for mounting fiber-optic cables